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Why Daikin?

We are heat pump specialists.
Our entire focus is on bringing climate controlled comfort to places where people live, work, meet and relax.


Daikin SKYFi

Daikin SKYFi puts your heat pump's frequently used functions at your fingertips with an easy to use app.
In conjunction with Daikin's BRP15A61 SKYFi Interface, the easy to use Daikin SKYFi controller lets you use your smartphone or tablet to control your Daikin Ducted heat pump via Wi-Fi or the internet.


New Heat Pumps

The BRP15A61 SKYFi Interface can be fitted to all new Daikin Ducted heat pumps at the time of installation.
Installation charges may apply - contact your Daikin Specialist Dealer for more details on pricing and the installation process.
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Existing Heat Pumps

All Daikin Ducted heat pumps manufactured since 2003 are potentially Wi-Fi capable with the addition of Daikin's BRP15A61 SKYFi Interface.

Adding Zone Control

For Zone Control functionality your Daikin Ducted heat pump must be fitted with a Daikin Zone Controller (models BRC24Z4, BRC24Z8, BRC230Z4 or BRC230Z8) and associated zone control dampers.
Note: Daikin's remote control communications protocol supports a maximum of two controllers. As the Daikin SKYFi control interface is recognised as a controller it cannot be installed on an existing system that already has two remote controllers attached (eg one downstairs and one upstairs).
Your Daikin Specialist Dealer can assess your system and, if compatible, install Daikin SKYFi in your home.
Contact your local Daikin Specialist Dealer for pricing.

A Sensitive Choice

Daikin’s Split System heat pumps and air purifiers are approved by the Asthma Foundation NZ Sensitive Choice® program and is the only heat pump brand that carries the blue butterfly symbol.

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