See our range of heat pumps or air conditioning designed with your home in mind.

Hi-Wall (Wall Mounted)

These systems have become the most common heat-pumps available for both domestic and office situations in recent years. They range from 2.5 kilowatts (smaller office or bedroom) through to more that 7 kilowatts to keep either a large office or a reasonably large lounge / dinning / kitchen area. There is an indoor unit which is mounted on a wall of the area to be conditioned and this is connected to an outdoor unit. With the latest in “inverter” technology they have become very economical to run and are one of the most efficient forms of home heating. They will also provide cooling in the summer which s great for both offices and homes. We have a full range available of top quality brands such as Mitsubishi electric, Daikin, Toshiba and Fujitsu.

Floor Mounted

These are very similar to the above Hi-wall except the indoor unit is mounted on the ground at low level. They are very efficient on heating and the new Daikin and Mitsubishi Floor mounted system distribute the warm air along the ground.

Under Ceiling

These are very similar to the above Hi-wall except the indoor unit is mounted on the ceiling with the indoor unit hanging under. They are generally used for light commercial type projects

Ceiling cassettes

These are heat-pumps designed to fit right into your ceiling - the only part you see in the room is a stylish grille. They are designed to fit into the ceiling cavity; this will normally mean a space of 300mm or less. With heating and cooling capacities from 3.0 kilowatts to more than 14 kilowatts there is a system to suit most homes and office situations. They are generally used for larger open areas. Both Mitsubishi and Daikin offer small mini cassettes at 600mm x 600mm grilles as well as the larger commercial ones.

Ducted Systems

A ducted system has a indoor unit which is generally mounted in the ceiling cavity of a house or commercial building with ducting that distribute the conditioned air throughout the entire house or area being conditioned. This ducting is connected to grilles that are generally mounted in the ceiling to distribute air. There is an outdoor unit connected to this. One of the main benefits of a ducted system is they are very quite if designed properly.

Multi Split Systems

This is becoming a very popular choice for new homes and smaller commercial projects. With one outdoor unit you can connect 2, 3 or 4 indoor units (Some larger system can have 7 to 12 indoor units). This make for a tidy project by getting rid of multiple outdoor units. The new inverter controlled systems can have wall, Floor, cassette and ducted systems connected on the same outdoor unit.